Are you hoping to find a counselor you can connect with? Someone who will understand and won't judge you?

This is the most important thing clients tell us they want. We want you to be certain that when you work with us, your counselor can help you reach your goals and feel better. For this reason our counselors are specifically chosen for their skills and training, their high level of ethics, and the passion they bring to this profession. Please get in touch with us, and find out if one of our counselors is right for you.

Information About the Counselors, and Our Counseling Services

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This form will send us an email and one of our counselors will get back with you as soon as possible. This is almost always within 24 hours. Let us know if you have a preference on who you would like to see, and what time of day/day of the week you will need appointments, and anything more you feel would be helpful for us to know. Thanks!