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Mental Health Articles for Well-Being and Resilience

Written by counselors and helping professionals.

The Value of Peer Consultation

 A few months ago, I wrote the article at the link below for a colleague's blog.  It is mainly about the value to therapists and what it does for us, but if you are a client of a therapist, there is value in this for you as well.  The therapists that consult with...

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Navigating Mental Health in Colorado

 A few weeks ago, I was able to speak with members of my local neighborhoods in southwest Littleton about navigating mental health services in Colorado.I created a handout for them, which you can find at this...

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Write Your Life Story

I want to talk here about why you or another person might want to write your life story, or at least start writing some stories from your life.  But first.  When I started thinking about writing this article, two movie scenes came to my mind immediately.  One is from...

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Parental Alienation – What Can You Do?

If you are reading this, or attending our workshop on parental alienation, you are experiencing one of the most painful and difficult situations a parent can be in.  We hope to give you strength, hope and strategies to help you deal with this situation, as well as...

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Help for Family and Friends of A Person Dealing With Addiction

One of the most frequent things we hear from people who have someone in their family or a friend who is struggling with addiction is, “How do I help this person?”  Or… “How do I get them to stop?”  We’ll start with some things to understand first, and then talk about...

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Racial Trauma and Counseling

Over the past year, I have been having an increasing number of conversations with other counselors about racial trauma.  Thankfully there are many therapists who are starting to pay close attention to the depth of racial trauma as well as pay attention to...

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How Do I Stop My Road Rage?

Some Unusual Ideas To Help When You Are Angry Driving If you search for ideas about how to "stop my road rage" you will find several articles about this with ideas such as do some deep breathing, set the cruise control, or to always act as if someone is...

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Other People’s Stuff

Over the years, I have used an idea I refer to as “OPS” with my clients, which refers to what I call “Other People’s Stuff.” Admittedly, sometimes it is “Other People’s Shit” when it gets really damaging! The idea behind OPS is that often when people say...

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Holistic Health

Holistic Health - For Optimal Well-Being Pay Attention to Mind, Body and Spirit I suppose at first it may be strange to see a blog post about holistic health on a counselor website.  Mental health is a big part of taking a holistic approach to a person's overall...

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Normal: What’s That? Am I Normal?

Am I Normal?  What Is Normal? I hear this question a lot. Most of the time, it is either because the person is worried about a reaction to a traumatic event of some kind – or when he or she is “losing it” trying to deal with a difficult person in their life.  What is...

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Resilience For Well-Being and More

Resilience and Well Being Some things about the idea of “resilience” are obvious. When you have it, you can manage stress better. You have more of a sense of well-being. I believe resilience also protects your physical health, and that the relationships in your life...

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Sacrifice and Service

Sacrifice and Service of US Military Men and Women With today being Memorial Day, I am not only thinking of the sacrifices of so many men and women who have served in our military, I am also thinking of one particular person’s willingness to serve her country – my...

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Forgiveness or Punishment: It’s Your Choice

Forgiveness or Punishment: It's Your Choice Some people may hear the phrase, “Forgive and Forget” and feel unburdened by its lightness, and even follow the advice without a second to waste. Others might shudder at the idea, which is understandable. There is enormous...

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Well-being: Living Your Values

Living Your Values The idea of “living your values” is one that I often talk about with clients and can be helpful in building self-esteem, improving well-being, working through tough situations in life, and gaining understanding in relationship problems. What are...

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Telephone Therapy: What You Need to Know

Online Therapy or Telephone Therapy: What You Need to Know Is doing therapy over the phone, or as online therapy, effective? It can be, and we work with clients in phone sessions. There are a couple of things to consider before you go ahead though. You lose some...

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LifePaths Counseling Center Survey

Customer Survey - How Are We Doing?LifePaths is sending out an online survey to past and current clients to get a feel for how well we are serving the people who come to us for help. Counseling is very private and personal though – so we had to be careful about a few...

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Self Esteem

The subject of self esteem comes up fairly often in counseling sessions, but lately it has come up a lot more than usual. It is one of the best topics to discuss… there are so many things that influence self esteem, and so many components to consider. And simply...

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Year End Time for Self-Discipline, Self-Control

Self-control and will power seem to come up more often at the end of the year during the holidays and especially New Year's.Between overindulging at holiday dinners, overspending, or making yet another New Year’s resolution this year because we didn’t stay with it...

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Why You Might Consider Group Counseling

Group counseling can be a great benefit for many reasons. If you’ve never been in a group for counseling, you may be wondering what it would be like and if it would be helpful to you. Here's some great reasons to try group counseling. Support from others with the same...

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Trauma In Female Veterans

PsychCentral posts a number of great articles but this one, see link below, about female veterans abuse caught my eye. http://blogs.psychcentral.com/your-life/2013/09/the-newest-face-of-trauma-female-veterans/ Blog post photo credit from source link above. The article...

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What’s Missing in Your Weight Loss Strategy?

Counseling for Weight Loss Strategies We have all heard this over and over – from friends, family, on television, in ads, and more. People struggle to lose weight and maintain a healthy weight. They have the science of it down – and it’s as simple as can be for most...

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Building Self Confidence

Building Self-Confidence Skills I recently ran across a YouTube video the other day about building self-confidence. I love TED talks – they are usually about 15-20 minutes and are delivered by speakers who are considered an authority on the topic they are discussing....

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Character Strengths Evaluation & Information

If someone asked you to list some of your character strengths as a person, would you be able to come up with a few? Any? This is a question that tends to be difficult to answer for a lot of people. Often it is much easier to identify negative qualities rather than the...

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Is Emotional Eating the Reason You Can’t Lose Weight?

Emotional Eating and Dietings Many of us have tried multiple diets, plans, and suggestions trying to lose weight. They often work and we do lose some unwanted pounds, but before you know it the weight comes right back. Emotional eating might be the culprit behind this...

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Portia Nelson, Autobiography

Portia Nelson, Autobiography in Five Short ChaptersThis is one of my favorite poems.You can find it many places online, but I chose the following link:http://www.lessons4living.com/sidewalk_of_life.htmIt very simply captures how we progress and make changes to improve...

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Brene Brown Ted Talk Video

Recently I ran across a great YouTube video of Brene Brown. She gave a Ted talk on her work in researching the idea of shame, our need for connection, love and so much more, particularly in women. You might enjoy her talk, too, at this link:  ...

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