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Career Change Counseling

Counseling to help with career change and transitions in your work life.

Career Change Information at LifePaths Counseling Center

There are many reasons for a career change or job change that counseling can help with:

  • Losing a job due to layoffs
  • Industry Changes
  • Career and Job Dissatisfaction
  • Seeking more challenging work
  • Loss of Capability
  • Working towards a long held dream

…there are many variations of these. Each person’s experience is unique.

Professional counseling can help you to cope with the many emotional responses you may have and assist you with a positive and confident approach to the next stage in your work life.

For instance, it is very common to experience a sense of loss associated with a career change, particularly when the change is not your choice. This loss may be associated with capabilities you previously had, or relationships that will change now that you won’t see the same co-workers each day, or another important aspect of your work life that is important to you.

★ A counselor can help you come to terms with your loss and look forward to your future in a positive way.

For many of us, the work we do is an important and powerful part of our self image. Whether we see a career change as a positive or a negative one, it can bring uncertainty or a lack of confidence, and this can hold a person back from being their best in marketing a new business or interviewing for a new position. A counselor can help you to build your self confidence and integrate these changes into how you see yourself.

Even when the career change is your choice, it is also very common to be afraid. Change brings “the unknown”. You may be taking a big risk such as deciding to start your own business. There are many reasons you may feel fear but it is critical to face it, gain important insights, and develop coping skills.

★ A counselor can be an important part of your personal support when you embark on a life change such as this.

We believe that even when life brings a change that doesn’t look very good at the moment, people are often able to turn a situation around to be more positive than was expected.





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