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Improve communication, resolve problems, feel more connected.

Couples Counseling – Improve Your Communication and Connection

Most of the couples that get in touch with us have been worried about their relationship for quite a while.  They have worked hard trying to improve things themselves, but they still feel it could be better.  Couples counseling is one more tool you could use to help your relationship.

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We are taking new couple clients right now during COVID-19, using video therapy.  

Some of the issues that bring partners to couples counseling may be:

  • Improving communication skills
  • Improving conflict resolution skills
  • Working through a recent problem such as addiction or infidelity
  • Creating deeper intimacy, closeness, connection
  • Pre-marital counseling
  • Starting a new family-first baby, blended family, step-parenting
  • Infertility issues
  • Coping with a problem outside the relationship such as in-laws, or the death of someone close to you both


Conflict Resolution and Communication

Communication and conflict resolution skills are fundamental to a healthy relationship, especially in an intimate relationship. Our couples counselors can help you learn specific skills that will improve how you talk with one another.

This is an important and fundamental part of a healthy relationship.  It is possible to learn skills that will help you resolve the inevitable disagreements that come up throughout your life together.

These skills are based on openness, trust, compassion, and respect. Regardless of the issue that brings you to counseling, discussing these concepts will be a part of our work together.

Feel More Connected in Your Relationship

Emotional intimacy is possibly the most important of our work with couples. Feeling distant or disconnected from each other is often the primary reason couples seek counseling. It may also be the underlying problem affecting your ability to communicate, or other issues that have come between you.   Improving intimacy and a sense of connection between you is almost always part of our work with couples.


All of us make mistakes, and sadly, sometimes mistakes hurt people we care about.  Betrayal can happen in many forms in relationships.  We have helped couples overcome betrayals such as these and more:

  • Infidelity
  • Financial Indiscretions
  • Lies/Secrets
  • Manipulation

A couple can overcome painful problems in their relationship.  Get in touch with us.  We want to help you do that.

Marriage counseling and couples therapy.


Every couple faces some problems. Each couple’s story is unique of course, but if there is one thing you can count on, it is that along your journey together there will be both ups and downs. Even though at the most difficult of times you may not see how you can resolve the problem the two of you face, you will find a way.


What if My Partner Won’t Come to Counseling With Me?

Partners that aren’t willing to go to couples counseling may decide this for one of these reasons:

  • They don’t feel they are the problem, that the partner that wants to go to counseling is the one that needs it
  • They don’t believe counseling is helpful
  • Counseling might be uncomfortable, and they are worried about it

Even if your partner won’t come with you, you can still work with a counselor yourself to gain insight and understanding about the problem  going on, and gain skills you can use to help the relationship be as good as it can be.

Even if you’re not sure about starting counseling as a couple or on your own, get in touch with us.  We are happy to talk with you about your concerns and the situation and help you find the best way to go forward.





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