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Divorce - Counseling Services Support

A counselor can help you through your next steps if you are facing a divorce.

Divorce Counseling Services at LifePaths Counseling Center

Divorce can bring a number of challenges into your life, regardless of whether you see it is a positive or negative change.

Some of the areas a divorce counselor can help with are:

  • Making the decision and planning – if you are contemplating a divorce, this is no easy decision. You are likely to consider many factors in this decision. A counselor can help you to think through these factors and decide what is most important to you. If you are now finding out that your spouse wants a divorce, a counselor can help you with your next steps and coping with the situation.
  • Religious influences – faith and spirituality can be particularly important in deciding whether to continue a marriage or not, and how we view our life before and afterwards.
  • Dealing with family and friends – it is sometimes so very hard to tell family and friends about a divorce. A counselor can help you to find the right words and the right time and approach to let your loved ones know that this has happened to you.
  • Children – when there are children involved, a counselor can help you to consider how divorce can affect them, how to make the transition as easy as possible, anticipate potential problems, and help children build coping skills.

A divorce can leave either party with feelings of anger, sadness, vindictiveness,  despair,  jealousy, and so many other negative emotions. A counselor can help you to understand these feelings and find a healthy way of coping with them and also moving through the process to the next chapter in your life.





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