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Executive Coaching Services

Why hire an executive coach?

Executive Coaching Services at LifePaths

Why Executive Coaching?

Entrepreneurs and business professionals pursue skilled Executive Coaching Services for many reasons. Business professional typically want to advance their careers or improve their team’s performance, while entrepreneurs want to improve their own effectiveness and the overall performance of their businesses.

Alires Almon is our Executive Coach on the LifePaths staff.  She specializes in work with Entrepreneurs, especially those that have left a corporate career to pursue the American Dream.

Alires has helped many people to do this and more. You can read more about her skills and accomplishments on our About page.

What Do Entrepreneurs Want Most From Executive Coaching?

Ultimately, what people want is a significant return on their investment in coaching – they want the time and money they put into coaching to come back to them many times over in higher income.  If you are willing to put the work into the coaching relationship and take that into your work life, you will see great returns on your investment!

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Executive coaching.

Executive Coaching for Business Entrepreneurs

Our Executive Coach, Alires Almon, does most of her work with business entrepreneurs, particularly those that have left the corporate world after working in that type of environment for most of their career. Running your own business requires a different mindset and set of skills and she is well-versed in what is needed for you to be successful.

You can expect her to help you build executive skills in:

– Time management and focus
– Identifying your strengths and weaknesses
– Where to find appropriate resources
– Management skills
– Networking with other professionals
– Stress management
– The ability to shift direction, and know when you need to do it
– Managing finances
– Finding and keeping clients/customers

In the beginning of a new venture, most entrepreneurs have to “do it all” for a while. Alires will help you find your own unique style and use your strengths to your advantage so you’ll be in that small group of new businesses that succeed!

Have you heard the statistics on failed small businesses?  It’s staggering.  And, if you are an entrepreneur who has left your steady job to follow your dream, this is where it becomes useful to clearly see the challenges in this transition.  It is a huge transition in how you think, how you take on your daily business activities, and how you plan for the future.  The best way to get into that small percentage of successful new businesses is to master your own transition from corporate job to entrepreneur.  Here are a few ways to do that.

Master the Transition

The stress and worry you’re feeling is normal!  However, it can be extremely satisfying to be in that group of entrepreneurs who have realized their dreams of doing what they love and have left all the hassles of corporate life behind. Call LifePaths to talk with Alires today.  She can help you decide whether Executive Coaching is for you!





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