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Family Counseling

Resolve family relationship problems with skilled counselors.

Family Counseling Services at LifePaths Counseling Center

The counselors at LifePaths provide family counseling for many issues.

One of the most common issues we have helped families with is parenting. We have worked with many parents to help them develop a style of parenting that works best for them and their family situation.

Another reason families come work with us is when blended family/step-family issues arise. We have helped several families with this type of transition both when it is a new blended family and at later times if problems come up.

Family Therapy and Counseling

For blended families, the family counseling issues that often arise are:

  • Helping both parents with how step-parenting can work best for them, in the most healthy way
  • Helping everyone transition to their “new” family
  • Helping children manage moving back and forth between homes with different rules, expectations
  • Giving everyone in the family a “voice,” respect, and the ability to make age-appropriate choices for themselves
  • Managing parenting problems and potential differences in discipline styles

Some of the list above applies to all families, particularly parenting and discipline issues.

We work hard to help everyone in a family feel respected and loved, have a “voice” with each other, and find the solution that fits them best.

Family Therapy – Individual Relationships

You may think family therapy would always include the entire family. But sometimes a particular relationship is in trouble.

Our counselors have seen many combinations of specific members of a family such as a mother and daughter, two or more siblings, and many more. Working with a therapist in this way can be very effective at improving the relationship, and most often improves other relationships in the family as well.

Can Family Counseling Help When the Person Who is the “Problem” Won’t Participate?

Yes it can!

Sadly, this is the case for some families. But when other family members work with a counselor, they can learn skills in communication and behavior changes that will help improve the way they feel in dealing with the person who is difficult.

These skills can also help change the relationship to be as healthy as possible. When this is the situation, strengthening boundaries is one of the most important areas you will work on with a family counselor.





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