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Individual Therapy and Counseling Services

Individual Counseling and Therapy Techniques- Live life to the fullest!

Individual Counseling Services and Therapy

How individual counseling can be is as unique as individuals are themselves!

We work with people on many issues, although we specialize in the areas of trauma counseling, self-esteem, and improving relationships.

Some examples of the work we have done with people are for …:

Individual Counseling Services and Psychotherapy

  • Self-esteem, Self worth
  • Trauma healing (including the use of EMDR therapy)
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Grief
  • Anger Management
  • Relataionship Issues
  • Drugs/alcohol/addictions
  • Cutting/self-harm


We offer a free phone consultation to help you decide if one of us can help you.

We would be happy to talk more about the specific issues that brought you here to our site, and help you find the best counselor for you. Please give us a call.

Individuals therapy and counseling.

Trauma Counseling, Self-Esteem, and Improving Interpersonal Relationships

Trauma Counseling: – All of the counselors at LifePaths have worked quite a bit with clients who have had traumatic experiences. Three of us provide EMDR therapy as well as other approaches to helping people heal from a traumatic experience. The trauma counseling we provide is focused on offering you a safe place to process what has happened to you and find your best path to healing.

Self-Esteem: – Each of the counselors has also worked with many clients in psychotherapy on self-esteem issues. We have specific areas of discussion and resources we use to help people recognize their unique gifts and value as an individual. We also offer workshops in self-esteem.

Improving Relationships: Along with working with many couples in marriage counseling, we also provide a lot of individual counseling services for people who want to improve relationships in their lives including partners, parents, children, siblings, and friends.


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