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Free Self Help Downloads on Mental Health Topics

Download these free self help handouts we use with our clients!

LifePaths: Free Self-Help Mental Health Downloads/Handouts

Occasionally during our psychotherapy sessions, your counselor will refer you to this page to download one of the documents linked below. Please see the descriptions with each one, these are on many mental health topics that may be of interest.

Thought Distortions – this document lists several common ways that we can get stuck in non-productive ways of thinking.

Change Negative Thinking – this document lists several ways you can challenge negative thinking and bring positive change to your life.

Relationship Communication – handout for clients on ideas to improve communication and conflict resolution skills in a relationship.

Boundaries – handout for clients on maintaining healthy boundaries with others.

Betrayal and Rebuilding Trust – handout for clients on what happens when one partner betrays the other, types of betrayal, and how to rebuild trust afterwards.

Healthy Relationships – this handout is a collection of ideas of what a healthy relationship is likely to look like. It can help you identify areas where you can work on your relationship, or serve to validate how well you think the two of you are already doing. There are also resources for additional reading.

Grief – these are a few ideas about what a person can and cannot do as a part of the grief process. This is created from material found in Transcending Loss by Ashley Davis Bush, LCSW.

Self-Esteem – this handout includes resources and ideas to get started working on self-esteem.

Anger Management – This is a client handout for initial work on anger management.

Self-Care – This one is a collection of ideas of things you can do to take care of yourself, reduce stress, and find healthy coping skills that work well for you.

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