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Parenting - Our Counselors Help You Develop Healthy Strategies to Fit Your Family

Counseling to help you be the best parent you can be.

Parenting – Counseling Information at LifePaths Counseling Center

Parenting issues become a part of the counseling process in many ways, but most commonly there are two.

One, when we work with teens or children, we also often work with the parents to help formulate a strategy for discipline and parenting that fits your child and is something you can maintain consistently.

The second is when working with couples or individuals and parenting is creating a great deal of stress – we often will incorporate strategies that you can maintain with consistency that will eventually lead to more peace at home. This work will usually involve learning how to set appropriate and healthy boundaries with others.

Each counselor tends to be familiar with and follow one or a few different parenting strategies such as “Love and Logic.”   As with an initial talk with any counselor about any work you are going to do with a counselor, it is a good idea to talk about what approach and what philosophy that counselor uses.  For instance, when you make an initial call to us, one of our counselors will call you back.  Then you and that counselor will talk for a short time on the phone before you decide whether you would like to make an appointment or not.  You can ask at that time what parenting strategy (or strategies) your counselor feels comfortable with recommending, and discuss them, and possibly even the reasons why.  This gives you insight about your counselor as well and what type of person she is.

Overall, we remember that when we are helping you with parenting issues, we are striving to help you decide on a strategy that helps you raise your children into the successful and healthy young adults you want them to be.  





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