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Postpartum Group for Moms

This workshop is for mothers that are experiencing symptoms of postpartum depression which is now referred to as Postpartum Mood Disorder (PPMD).  The group provides information on postpartum mood disturbances which includes depression and anxiety, and on infant development.  Moms receive professional and peer support that allows them to process what is happening and learn:

  • Coping skills to deal with stress and mood regulation
  • Age appropriate play skills with infants
  • Age appropriate expectation of infant
  • Warning signs of PPMD
  • Community resources to get help for PPMD


Week 1: Group overview, goals, getting to know each other, normal perinatal development

Week 2: Physical and hormonal changes, PPMD overview, local resources

Week 3:  Birth trauma, risk and protective factors, support systems, self-care

Week 4:  Identity reformation (body image, role changes, identity changes)

Week 5:  Changes in relationships, marriage, sex, and social activities

Week 6:  Moving forward and wrap up of group

This is an open group which means that members of the group will start and stop at various times and the same material is repeated every six weeks.

Six week group, $30/week per participant, each group session is one hour in length.