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How Much Does a Counselor Cost? Pricing, Fees, and Insurance

Counseling fee information, and other "get started" information.

Counseling Fees and Fees for Other Services


Thank you for your interest in working with us.  We understand that often the first question on a person’s mind when they consider counseling is, “How much does a counselor cost?”

Cathy Wilson, LPC ACS:  $195 per session.

Gina Hebb, LPCC:  $135 per session.

Jenn Bourdeon, LPCC:  $125 per session.

Jarae Martinez, Intern Counselor:  $45 per session until May 1, 2023.

Amy Beith, Intern Counselor: $45 per session until May 1, 2023.

All individual, family and couples sessions are typically 45-50 minutes.

EMDR sessions: These sessions are often 75-90 minutes in length and an EMDR counseling session is priced according to the total time of the session. For instance, a 75 minute session is one and a half times the usual session time of 50 minutes and would be billed at one and a half times the counselor’s rate.

Consulting and Speaking: Cathy Wilson provides consulting on the topics of parental alienation, the emotional impact of being scammed, and professional wills for mental health providers. Please contact us through this website for more information.

For payment, we take all major credit cards as well as check or cash.

There are a limited number of reduced fee slots available in our practice. If this is something you need, please let us know when you contact us.  You can also find out more on this page: Affordable Counseling



Hours and Making Appointments

Our counselors work by appointment, and most appointments are between 9:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m.  We have counselors that can offer appointments every day of the week including during the weekend.

If you need a Saturday or Sunday appointment or very early or late hours, it helps if you include the time and day you need for appointments when you contact us.

Insurance Coverage

At this time, we have limited “in network” status with Anthem and Medicaid. Only one counselor here is in network with Anthem or Colorado Access (Colorado Access manages care for some Medicaid members in the Denver metro area). Openings for CCHA Medicaid are very limited (this is another organization that manages care for members in the Denver metro area).

If you decide to pay out of pocket for counseling and want to submit a claim yourself, we can provide you with a receipt with all the appropriate codes (a “super bill”).


Our Approach in Counseling/Therapy

Each counselor offers mental health counseling services for individuals (including teens), couples, and families.

We provide therapy for many different types of life situations. You can search our site for a specific topic and find pages that go into some detail about that topic and/or the way we approach that topic in counseling. There are also a number of documents you can download from our site on topics such as coping skills, communication skills and much more.  You can find a link to our downloads page at the bottom of every page of this website at the link titled “Forms & Downloads.”  If you don’t see what you are looking for, please call. We really are happy to answer any question you have or help you get to the resources you need.

Being comfortable with a counselor is one of the most important factors in whether counseling will be successful for you or not. We strive to have each person we talk to feel that they are getting compassionate and non-judgmental support at LifePaths. Three things guide us in helping you to overcome the issues that have brought you here: building resilience, improving well-being, and bringing positive change to your life.

We will work together to discover:


    • Effective strategies towards improvement
    • Practical skills for coping with and managing life events and stressful situations
    • Insight into yourself and the past, present, and future of your life
    • And most important, we work very hard to help you restore your natural sense of hope, balance, and peace of mind.



We hope to hear from you soon!





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