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Relationship Issues - Counseling to Resolve Problems

Communication skills, heal from betrayal, build connection with your partner.

Relationship Issues – Get Help at LifePaths Counseling Center

Relationship issues such as communications problems, lost trust over betrayal, and lost connection between you are very common things that bring people into counseling, whether it is as a family, as a couple, or an individual trying to find guidance on how to deal with a specific relationship on his or her own.

This is a very broad topic but the most common areas that we work on with clients include:

  • Communication Skills – When problems occur in a relationship, if they are not handled in a healthy way between people it can often lead to resentments building up over time. The more resentment builds up, the harder it gets to communicate effectively. Unhealthy patterns such as passive-aggressiveness, outright insults, name calling and more can become the norm rather than respectful, honest words. Your counselor can help you identify unhealthy ways of communicating and develop skills that promote effective ways of communicating with each other. See our client handout on Relationship Communication for more information. (Take the link at the bottom of the page titled “Forms & Downloads”)
  • Conflict Resolution Skills – As healthy communication skills become established, a big part of that is resolving conflicts. After all, it is much easier to communicate with another person when there isn’t a problem – it becomes a challenge when there is a problem to be resolved. These two areas are often intertwined as you work with a counselor to figure out the skills that will work best in your relationship. See our client handout on Conflict Resolution for more information (bottom of the page – “Forms & Downloads”).
  • Boundaries – This is an extremely important part of maintaining healthy relationships. Having healthy boundaries means that you can set appropriate limits with others on how you are treated and talked to, and when these lines are crossed you handle it in a healthy and effective way. See our client handout on Boundaries for more information (yep, you guessed it, bottom of the page – “Forms & Downloads”).
  • Betrayal and Rebuilding Trust – This can of course happen in any relationship with another person but in counseling it is seen most often in couples. Betrayal between partners can take many forms, although we tend to think of infidelity when we think of betrayal in an intimate relationship. The process of getting past a betrayal takes a lot of work for both partners. Please take a look at our client handout on this subject at this link: Betrayal and Rebuilding Trust (also at “Forms & Downloads”!).
  • Loss of Emotional Intimacy – Sometimes a couple seeks counseling to help with the feeling that they have lost touch with each other, that they no longer feel “connected” emotionally. These are phrases often used to describe a loss of emotional intimacy between them. A counselor can help you develop strategies that fit your relationship and lifestyle to bring that intimacy back.
  • Rebuilding After Divorce – Divorce is a life changing event that often leaves people with intense and conflicting emotions such as anger, grief, sadness, and loneliness to name a few. When the relationship has been a part of your life for a long time, it can also mean a lot of work in redefining yourself.

You may also be interested in taking a look at our client handout on what a healthy relationship looks like.  Our client handouts are available under the menu topic “Forms & Downloads” at the bottom of the page.  

Each of our counselors works with clients on relationship issues.

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