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Littleton CO SMART Recovery Meetings

Note that as of March 14, 2020, the SMART meetings usually held on Thursdays from 8-9a are cancelled until further notice, because of the COVID-19 outbreak.  This page will be updated as soon as we can start again!  Please check SMART’s website to find online meetings and feel free to contact Cathy about concerns, questions, resources, etc. Thank you for your patience.  

The Littleton CO SMART Meetings are weekly on Thursdays at 8AM.  If Cathy isn’t able to have the meeting, the information will be right here.  If you aren’t sure if this has been updated, it’s okay to text Cathy at 303-801-7878 to confirm meeting status or ask questions!    

SMART Recovery is an addiction recovery support program that is one of the alternatives to 12 step based programs.  Most people are familiar with 12 step programs, but not the alternatives.

This program is set up to empower people to manage their addiction through problem solving discussions, encouragement, and building skills in self control.

You can find more information at their main website such as a full description of SMART Recovery, resources and tools, finding meetings, and more.  https://www.smartrecovery.org/.






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