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Women's Self-Improvement Workshop

Self Improvement for adult women of all ages.

Women’s Self Improvement Workshops

This workshop is designed for women of all ages who want to understand themselves more and improve one or more areas of their life. We cover several topics on overall self improvement such as self-esteem and self-worth, healthy relationships, strengthening well-being and much more.

When:  Saturdays

Time:  2:30-4:30 p.m. mst

Where:  6901 S. Pierce St., Suite 350, Littleton, CO 80128

Cost:  $55

One of the following topics is covered in each workshop, with the most popular being “Who Am I?” and “Self Care”:

Who am I?

Self improvement starts with establishing who we are and what growth we want to see. We will explore important details about our pasts that have affected our core beliefs and values about who we are now. We will also establish the vision for what each person wants to work on.

Emotional Awareness

So many of us have never learned how to cope with the many emotions that we experience throughout each day. We will talk about how to be more present when emotions come up and learn tools to cope.


We will discuss the relationships of the past and present and evaluate our roles and how those relationships impact our decisions.


We will discuss ways to practice asking for what we need and will learn about assertive communication vs. aggressive communication. We will also learn tools to reduce conflict when confronting.

Self Care

We will evaluate the areas of self care in our lives. Some areas discussed will be time management, weight and health management, work life balance, building resilience and well-being, and expanding social network.

Give us a call to find out the next workshop to be held, or check Meetup.com or 9news Events as we post events on both of those sites when we have upcoming workshops!





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