Professional Will Workshops For Mental Health Professionals

Have you had trouble making time to do a professional will?  This workshop is for you!  

I’ve been through what happens after a clinician dies …when there wasn’t a professional will. We needed to tell clients what happened as quickly as possible, but we had a terrible time finding their contact information.  

I had no idea about all the details I needed to know; or how important it was to know how to find his calendar, files, and contact information for each client.   I had created a professional will for myself but WOW, I was finding out how inadequate it was!

This is why I created a Professional Will Workshop for colleagues in 2018. Then I published a book about it, and have now created an online video workshop that is super easy to follow, and will help you get your professional will in place quicker than you ever imagined.

There are actually two online video courses!   One course is to create your own professional will. The other course is for those of you who are suddenly in the position I was and need to figure out what to do when a colleague has died or is suddenly incapacitated.

Here’s a link to register for either of these courses:

You’ll find additional information and the template at this website:

Professional Wills for Clinicians Around the World

The book was released on February 3, 2020, and it is titled One Last Act: A Mental Health Clinician’s Guide to Professional Wills.  It is a guide for professionals around the world in any mental health setting.  Julie A. Jacobs, Psy.D., J.D. has provided a foreword for the book and offers her invaluable perspective as a mental health attorney.

It is available on Amazon at the following link:

One Last Act: A Mental Health Clinician’s Guide To Professional Wills

Enjoy!  And if you like it, please consider putting a review on Amazon or another platform of your choice!

What to expect in this Workshop:

There are approximately three and a half hours of video, along with content, links, supporting document examples, and other resources to make this task easier.

Like other courses you’ll find on professional wills, I discuss the reasons we need one and what makes it so important. What’s different about this workshop, however, is that I walk you through actually doing it.  I show you how to do it, and present information that allows you to consider what is most important for you and your clients.  You won’t find another course or workshop like this one that presents these details for your consider, and also allows you the time to think about them and easily go back to where you left off.  The entire video workshop is separated into shorter videos so you can easily find the topics you need.

Before you know it, you’ll have it done!

The workshop is also very affordable and here are some additional parts you may be interested in:

  • Guidance on additional information to gather and make available along with your professional will. (all those details!!)
  • Electronic copies of related document templates you may choose to use according to your own needs (personal will and testament, living will, etc.)
  • A free template that you can customize.  It is 14 pages long but well organized and most people use 5-6 pages of it. The ability to have all those details with your professional will is going to help your clients and colleagues so much if something happens to you unexpectedly.
  • There are sections for special topics such as unique client demographics in your practice and how to accommodate that in your professional will, group practice considerations, important things to know as a clinical supervisor, and more.

***The template is best used with Adobe Acrobat, please keep this in mind for when you start working with the fillable pdf template I include with the workshop or the book.

If you are interested, you can find an introductory video for each of the courses I created on my YouTube channel, which you can get to at this link:

You’ll have lifetime access to the course, which is $120.  I plan to add videos as new issues or changes arise that may be of interest to you, and you’ll be notified of this when it happens.  

This journey began for me when I lost the colleague I mentioned above.  I had a VERY inadequate professional will in place at that time, which became even more inadequate when he died because he was my Professional Executor!   I even wrote an article titled, “How To Help When Your Colleague Dies” in August, 2017 about my experience with helping after losing him.  And yet, I had the hardest time sitting down to update and improve my own professional will.

It turns out that preparing a professional will is an unexpectedly difficult task to get done for many of us, so if that’s happening for you please know that you are not at all alone.  For me, it wasn’t until a second close colleague died unexpectedly that I was determined to get this done.  I found about 5-6 templates that did not have a lot of information in them and at that time, I couldn’t find any courses to help guide me. I had so many questions!  

I had such a hard time, I decided to create what I was missing! The material has evolved from small, local in person workshops to the workshop you can take advantage of right now, no matter where you are in the world.  I hope you can benefit from my struggles.

I do not provide legal advice in this workshop.  The workshop is designed to step through and discuss our template and the decisions commonly needed in the event of a mental health professional’s death or incapacitation.  We recommend getting an attorney’s advice for your specific requirements based on your practice, your location or any other factor.

Please reach out to me if you have any questions or comments.  I would be delighted to hear any feedback you have!  My contact information is or call 303-801-7878.

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