Professional Will Workshop for Psychotherapists

For Counselors, Therapists, Psychologists, Psychiatrists and other Mental Health Professionals in Private Practice

Professional Will Workshop-For Mental Health Professionals in Private Practice

Have you had trouble making time to do a professional will?  This workshop is for you.  Not only do we provide a multi-page template for you to customize to your own needs, we complete most of the work during the workshop itself.  In addition, a notary public is available at the end of the workshop so you can leave that day with a document that is ready and executed in case something unexpected happens to you.  The template we use has been reviewed by an attorney, is more comprehensive than any other we have seen, and was created in part from direct experience in helping after a colleague passed away.

Professional Wills for Clinicians Around the World

I have released a book on this topic as well, on February 3, 2020.  It is titled One Last Act: A Mental Health Clinician’s Guide to Professional Wills and it can be a guide to professionals around the world.  Julie A. Jacobs, Psy.D., J.D. has provided a foreword for the book and it is available on Amazon at the following link.  It is currently available as a Kindle book, soon to be in print:

One Last Act: A Mental Health Clinician’s Guide To Professional Wills 

Enjoy!  And if you like it, please consider putting a review on Amazon or another platform of your choice!

What to Expect at the workshops:

This half day workshop is truly a “working workshop” that includes not only discussion of the different decisions you may choose to make in your professional will, and a notary public in attendance, but also:

  • Guidance on additional information to gather and make available along with your professional will
  • Electronic copies of related document templates you may choose to use according to your own needs (personal will and testament, living will, etc.)
  • Attorney recommendation if you need legal advice

***Bring a laptop that is running Adobe Acrobat Reader, and your identification if you want to take advantage of the notary who will attend during the last hour.

This workshop is conducted by Cathy Wilson, LPC.   It was created after two recent losses of colleagues who are very missed.   Cathy wrote an article titled, “How To Help When Your Colleague Dies” in August, 2017 about her experience with helping after losing one of these colleagues.  Much of the material in this workshop is a result of what she learned at that time.

We do not provide legal advice at this workshop.  The workshop is designed to step through and discuss our template and the decisions commonly needed in the event of a mental health professional’s death or incapacitation.  We recommend getting an attorney’s advice for your specific requirements.

You’ll be asked to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement at the beginning of the workshop.

Internet access and a printer will be provided.

Workshop cost is $95; with an additional $5 if you choose to utilize notary services at the end of the workshop.  Please reserve your seat by contacting us: or call 303-801-7878.

What Is A Professional Will?

I’ve done a short video, with a high level description of what a professional will is.  I’ll post more of these informational videos about professional wills as I get them completed.  I hope to cover the most common questions I get.





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