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About Our Counselors at LifePaths Counseling Center

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Professional Counselors at LifePaths Counseling

A lot of people feel more comfortable starting to work with a counselor if they can see the person’s photo, and read a little about the person ahead of time.  You’ll find that below.  As the Director of LifePaths, I want you to know that I’ve personally chosen each of them, and I feel that I have some of the best counselors in the Denver Metro area.  I appreciate you coming here to learn about what we do and who we are, and I hope that you find the help you want here with us.

Thank you!

Cathy Wilson, LifePaths Director

We want you to feel your experience with us is valuable so much of our work includes brief and evidence-based therapy solutions.   One thing we like to say is that we are always working our way out of a job, because our first priority is to help you get to the point that you don’t need a counselor!

We all feel strongly about staying current with our work and the industry of mental health by continuing education.  You may want to ask about this when talking with us, or any counselor you are considering working with.  All of our counselors are happy to talk with you about our training, education, approach and areas we specialize in.  Read more about each of the counselors below.

Keiko Yoneyama-Sims LMFT

Gina Hebb, MA LPCC

Licensed Professional Counselor Candidate - TeleHealth and Littleton


I believe that everyone is doing the best they can with the tools they have. I have come to a deeper understanding of that statement in my work as a counselor, and its application to the circumstances in each person’s life. I am dedicated to helping individuals develop tools so that they can live their life more intentionally and reach their personal goals.

In my previous career as a teacher I found a passion for helping children develop coping skills and working with parents to develop a consistent, supportive, and loving parenting style that fit with their personality and values. My volunteer work with teens as has included addressing the social, academic, and personal pressures that seem to come from every angle during the middle and high school years. Learning to manage these stressors as a teen or young adult is a constructive step toward success later in life.

In any stage of life, daily pressures can feel overwhelming. Sometimes it is persistent stress, grief, or pain that can send us down a road of anxiety, depression, or anger that we never thought we would travel. Other times, sudden and unexpected circumstances transform our lives in ways that we never expected. In each of these, I believe that self-awareness and self-compassion are the first steps toward resilience and living a more intentional life. My role as a counselor is to offer a safe environment, help you set and achieve your goals, and celebrate your successes with you, so that you can embark on a new, more purposeful way of being in your world.

I help individuals with ADHD, learning and developmental disabilities, anxiety, depression, guilt, parenting challenges, and coping strategies. Having been a teacher, I have some insight into the pressures that teachers face as well.  With this focus, I hope to help children, teens, families and young adults achieve the goals they want in their lives.


April Eavers, MA LPCC

Licensed Professional Counselor Candidate - TeleHealth and Littleton

I am of the mindset that human beings are inherently valuable. As we are endowed with inherent dignity, we are also inclined toward suffering. Sometimes we find ourselves in a place we begin to question this value, leaving us to feel shame, guilt, isolated and alone. This can happen regardless of age, experience, ability, status, culture and spirituality. At times we fall, or, the source of this pain can be through no fault of our own, but we lack both the tools and insight to step forward. This is a time in our lives when we may find ourselves, scared, vulnerable, angry, sad, and feeling stuck in in emotions that serve to inhibit our basic rights to belonging, happiness, and connectedness. I hold on to the belief that everyone deserves to know that they are OK as they are; imperfect and complex yet containing worth.

Having experienced suffering many times over, sometimes due to my own behavior, and sometimes due to circumstances beyond my control; I understand that having appropriate support can help us to overcome even the greatest obstacles. No matter how we arrive in in counseling, we need the room to feel safe, understood, and to reach reconciliation without judgement. I have had the great fortune to feel support at times when I felt undeserving and at times when I appeared to have it all together but did not. It is my hope to pass along that same support and comfort in a professional relationship.

I have spent most of my working life in the helping profession, teaching life skills to people with Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI), advocating for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and mentoring children who have been adopted and those who benefit from behavioral supports. These roles have enlightened me to the unique challenges’ caregivers face, especially caregiver burnout.  My experience has also taught me to stand up for people who are marginalized and to reciprocate respect regardless of need or ability.

Jodi Hardesty, MA LPC NCC Licensed Professional Counselor

Avary Lin-Ye, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor-TeleHealth and Littleton

There is something both universal and unique about the human condition. With life transitions there is often a need for meaning-making, clarity, and resolution before moving towards the uncertainty of a new place or direction in life. As individuals we experience varying degrees of disconnection and alienation from our environment and from ourselves during these times of turmoil and reflection.

Counseling allows for the processing of such major fundamental shifts. The unknown can be frightening and bewildering on the one hand but also exciting and hopeful on the other. I believe that resilience comes from adversity, and we are stronger with each step we take in the positive direction. It takes a lot of courage to share your vulnerabilities with another person, and I want to honor that trust with respect and dignity as we navigate the complexities of your struggles. To share your pain and suffering gives them voice to be heard and potential to be strength. From a place of compassionate empathy, I meet you wherever you are in your journey and help you work through your challenges within a safe therapeutic space. Together we can explore and discover where you can heal and where you can grow.

I am a Colorado Licensed Professional Counselor with specialization in Life Transitions, such as Adolescence, Terminal Illness, Loss, and Migration. I received my Master’s degree in School and Mental Health Counseling from the University of Pennsylvania and my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Columbia University’s Barnard College. My counseling background includes work within multiple settings, such as private offices, hospitals, homes, and community centers, supporting adults and adolescents in their varied life transitions.

I hold an integrated counseling approach that incorporates Existential, Reality, and Narrative Therapies, allowing for a comprehensive and holistic model of counseling and wellness. I aim to build a therapeutic relationship that promotes finding freedom within your limitations and empowerment in the choices you make to meet your needs.

Jennifer Bourdeon

Licensed Professional Counselor-Candidate, TeleHealth and Littleton

Jenn holds a bachelor’s degree in Biology and previously served as an educator teaching Chemistry at a Private High School before moving to Colorado. She continues to work with teens and adolescents teaching mindfulness courses for various organizations and educational institutions. She is currently completing her master’s degree in Mental Health and additionally has an extensive background in mindfulness and meditation practices.

She has completed various yoga trainings (Hatha, Restorative, Kundalini, and Nidra) and currently teaches private group sessions and public studio classes at numerous locations in Douglas County. Jenn reports the greatest benefit in teaching these techniques is the ability of the practices to assist the client in relaxing the nervous system in such simplistic ways, that deeper release of emotional and mental bodies becomes effortless.

Currently Jenn works with a non-profit organization that serves populations with trauma backgrounds. She assists individuals to become aware of their current expression, move toward emotional release, and positive manifestation.

Amber Everhart Intern Counselor

Amber Everhart

Intern Counselor, TeleHealth and Littleton

Amber holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Colorado State University. Amber has attended therapy for many years and was amazed at the progress she made and how much her life changed. Quickly after graduating, she learned that her true calling was helping others and is now pursuing a Mental Health Counseling degree from Adam’s State University. 

Amber has experience with Addictions and has been present for trainings through the Colorado Judicial System, a Detox setting and for DUI and Domestic Violence classes. She is a trained and Certified MRT facilitator. She wishes to help people in all walks of life to learn their true potential and better their quality of life. 

Gina Riley Intern Counselor

Gina Riley

Intern Counselor, TeleHealth and Littleton

I believe that having self-awareness and strength to seek counseling when you are in need is one of the bravest and most inspirational things a person can do.

I began my professional career as an attorney specializing in alternative dispute resolution and collaborative law. I have always held a desire to help my community and this was at the heart of why I decided to become an attorney. Shortly after graduating with my Juris Doctor from the University of Florida, I started my own small business called the Collaborative Law Center. In addition to offering personal and community conflict resolution, I also became a mediator and specialized in settling and negotiating high conflict cases. Years of working in conflict resolution gave me the awareness that communication and self-awareness are not only the key to resolving conflict in our own lives but also the key to having and maintaining healthy relationships.

I have been a yoga and movement arts instructor since 2007. I have taught mindfulness, meditation, and wellness classes here in the United States, Costa Rica, and Mexico.

In 2019 my two children were in a school shooting. While they came out of the shooting physically unharmed, the next year of our lives was spent healing from and trying to understand the depth of the impact a tragedy like that has. Through my own recovery from PTSD and the daily anxiety the shooting caused, I learned that life events can have a cellular impact on us and affect us deeply in unimaginable ways.

I am currently in the process of obtaining my Master’s Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, and I wish to help our community and individuals through Cognitive and Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. I will be EMDR certified in May 2021. I love working with teens, couples, and families and plan on specializing in anxiety, depression, PTSD, OCD, couples counseling, sensitive and gifted individuals, and life coaching.

“Courage doesn’t happen when you have all the answers. It happens when you are ready to face the questions you have been avoiding your whole life.”

― Shannon L. Alder

Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology

Kelly Coté, LAC LPC

Licensed Addiction Counselor, Licensed Professional Counselor -TeleHealth and Centennial


Sometimes the unimaginable happens and our life comes crashing down around us.  Relationships end.  People close to us die.  Our past starts to haunt us.  We lose our sense of purpose. We suffer pregnancy loss(es).  Grasping at ways to cope, we end up drinking too much or numbing in other ways.  We end up feeling isolated and disconnected from the world around us.  Life is really hard at times.  These experiences will change us, but you don’t need to suffer.

I am dedicated and passionate about helping people pick up the pieces when life seems to have crumbled around them.   I believe we all have what we need to heal, sometimes we just need someone to support us along the journey. You may be wondering how overcoming this is possible.  You may not know where to start.  You might not believe things will ever get better.  I’ve been there!  I know what it’s like to feel broken and I also know what it’s like to come out the other side.  When our life has been turned upside down, sometimes healing means finding a new normal.

Everyone’s path to healing is different.  You are the expert in your own life, however, I am here to help you sort through all the painful things that have happened.  I will support you in finding your new normal and help you build the life you deserve and desire.

Some areas I specialize in are substance use, traumatic or difficult life experiences, anxiety, grief, and infant/pregnancy loss.  I use a variety of modalities to best meet your needs.  Additionally, I am trained in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) and Panic Control Treatment.  EMDR is a type of therapy that enables people to heal from various symptoms and emotional distress that are the result of disturbing life experiences.

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and Licensed Addictions Counselor with over 10 years of experiencing helping adults and adolescents heal and create the life they want.  Throughout my career, I have worked in both private practice and community mental health settings with adults and adolescents.

I look forward to connecting with you and being a part of your journey.




Owner, Licensed Professional Counselors

Catherine Wilson, LPC

Director of LifePaths Counseling Center


I am so proud and grateful to be the Director of this group of exceptional people!

I feel honored and humbled by the fact that people allow me to become a part of their lives to help them through troubles they face. Working as a counselor is the most meaningful work I can imagine!   I am grateful I have a way to provide this service to people in our Denver community, along with the counselors that are also part of LifePaths.

I have been in the field of counseling since 2005, working with adults, teens, and couples in both a private setting at LifePaths Counseling Center and working for a mental health agency in the Littleton area.  Since 2012, I’ve expanded LifePaths to include additional counselors to be able to serve more people in our Littleton/Ken Caryl/Columbine community.  In 2017, we added another location in the Denver Tech Center to allow our counselors to serve the south Denver metro area.  At the beginning of 2019, we expanded to be able to also see clients in two Denver locations.  

I obtained my Master of Arts degree in Community Counseling from Regis University. I am licensed in the State of Colorado as a Licensed Professional Counselor (CO LPC #6143).

Continuing education is important to me. Since beginning work as a counselor, I have participated in classes and workshops and regularly read books/magazines related to mental health.  I also seek information from many sources to help me do this work to the best of my ability.

It is important to me that I do my work well, that I maintain my skills, and that I always provide these services within the highest ethical standards of this profession.  When I personally chose the counselors that work here, I purposely chose people who also maintain these high standards for themselves.  





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