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About our experienced professional counselors.

Professional Counselors at LifePaths Counseling

LifePaths Counseling provides counseling and coaching services to clients of all ages and walks of life. Our counselors and our coach take pride in our commitment to helping you find your path be your best whether that be as an individual, a couple, a family, or a business.

Each of us feels strongly about staying current with our industry through education, media resources and peer consultation. We want you to feel your experience with us is valuable so much of our work includes brief and evidence-based therapy solutions.

Many counselors stay current with their work and the industry by continuing education.  You may want to ask about this when talking with us, or any counselors you are considering working with.  All of our counselors are happy to talk with you about our training, education, approach and areas we specialize in.  Read more about each of our counselors below.

Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology

Jennifer Beach, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker


I am so very excited to join the LifePaths family!  I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified School Social Worker.  I completed my Masters of Social Work in 2000 from the University of St.Thomas/College of St. Catherine in St. Paul, MN.  I am experienced in working with individual adults, couples, families, adolescents, and children. Because I also work as a mental health professional in the public schools, my most extensive experience is in working with school-age children,  adolescents, and their families, including those young persons who have experienced trauma and those with neurobehavioral disorders such as Autism Spectrum Disorder, Learning Disabilities, anxiety disorders, ADHD, and depressive disorders.  

As clinician, I love to work together with my clients to help them:

  • develop a better understanding of their histories, triggers, strengths, challenges, and patterns
  • develop more effective interpersonal skills
  • build coping skills and capacity for resiliency in order to face stressors and fears that are blocking growth
  • and learn to create a life that is congruent with who they authentically want to be and with what matters to them most.  

My special areas of interest include:

  • development of social skills
  • understanding and mitigating challenging behaviors in children
  • management of life transitions and relationships
  • Healthy parenting
  • Anxiety
  • Depression and mood disorders
  • body image
  • Shame
  • grief and loss
  • and living with intention and meaning.

My ultimate hope is to help my clients genuinely connect with others, treat themselves and others with compassion, skillfully navigate their storms, recognize their innate beauty and worth, bounce back after hard times, live lives full of meaning and joy, give and receive love generously, and grow each day with strength and grace.




Jodi Hardesty, MA LPC NCC Licensed Professional Counselor

Jodi Hardesty, MA LPC NCC

Licensed Professional Counselor


Through my own journey I know what it is like to have to work through painful experiences and emotions, but the amazing truth is that there is hope for healing.

Since 2001, I have been honored to have had the opportunity to share in the journey of healing with so many people. I am humbled every time I hear “thank you for helping me find the tools to get my life back” or “I have never told anyone this before”. Remembering those breakthrough moments bring tears of joy to my eyes. I am so thankful that my clients know that they are safe with me and can trust that I will care for them and their pain as if it were my own.

Part of being human is having emotions, but sometimes it can be challenging to cope with them. My passion is to help you through these times with grace, humor and respect.  I am committed to giving you the support and tools you need to become a happy, balanced and successful person. I have a compassionate and straight-forward approach to counseling that is effective in allowing you to come to resolution, clarity and empowerment. This approach is also effective with couples and families to strengthen bonds, and heal relationships. This process enables individuals and families to develop an appreciation and understanding even through conflict.

I have worked in the mental health field since 2001. My Colorado license is “Licensed Professional Counselor” and I have earned a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology and Counselor Education. I am also Nationally Certified.

I am trained in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing), a trauma symptom reduction tool that has proven to be amazing at increasing the speed of healing. It is important to me to continue learning and building on my education and training, and I also teach classes. I work for Dispute Resolution Professionals as a presenter for their co-parenting after divorce class. I teach multiple classes through Esteemed Human Development International for Employee Assistance Programs, as well as at Arapahoe Community College.

Some of the types of classes I teach are Coping with Anxiety, Managing Stress in the Work Place, Coping with Depression, Leadership Skills, Networking, Organization at Work and Home, Weight Management, Nutrition and many more.

I look forward to the opportunity to share in your own journey to healing and fulfillment. Please call for a free initial phone consultation.

Keiko Yoneyama-Sims LMFT

Keiko Yoneyama-Sims

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist


You know well what is not going right. You probably already have some ideas of what you want it to be like. But you still feel stuck and are not making any move toward what you want to be. I help people make that move toward what they want life to be like.   In the process, I help them to identify small successes they have already made and to find the way to make more lasting changes. Whatever the trouble you are facing:  depression, anxiety, relationship issues, or life transitions, I help people work towards living the life they want.

Your goals for your therapy are my main focus.  I respect and value your input on how you need sessions to be, in fact I consider it to be absolutely necessary.  The way people make changes in their lives varies and differs.  It also depends on their preference and their unique life circumstances, and I honor that.

I am a Colorado Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) with over 10 years of experience working with families with various issues such as family relationships, parenting, depression, and anxiety. My specialty is in treating postpartum depression and anxiety issues. I graduated with a master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from California State University Bakersfield and worked as a California licensed marriage and family therapist at a community mental health clinic for children and families.   I am a certified Maternal Mental Health Professional and certified Brief Solution Focused Therapist.

Masters Degree in Counseling

Erin Calvert, MA LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor


I believe that counseling can truly heal the soul. I pride myself in my ability to be a reliable, calming, and caring force for those who are in their darkest times. Iit is an important value of mine that everyone has and can be loved and find happiness. I have followed my path to become a counselor from a very young age and have had great satisfaction in being able to relate to clients and for them to give me their full trust.

My strengths as a counselor are in my ability to build strong relationships, and to be honest and truthful. I believe that there are many things in life that are out of our control.  My role as a counselor is to help clients find things in life that are in their control and use those things to heal.

I am currently employed as a credentialed School Counselor and am also working towards my LPC. My Master’s degree is in School Counseling, I graduated from the University of San Diego in 2013. I have been working in many aspect of counseling including non profits, schools, and now private practice.

My specialties are with children and adolescents in at risk populations. In my role as a School Counselor I have worked with young people that feel trapped and hopeless.

Many times adolescents are simply looking for someone who will listen and not label them. With my experience in working with at risk populations I know how to give trauma informed counseling and understand how traumatic events shape behavior. I also have experience working with parents as well. I have worked with young children with Autism as a Behavior Interventionist to help parents improve speech and behaviors in their children at home.

Before moving back to Colorado I worked as a Parent Educator for Jewish Family Service. As a Parent Educator I taught parenting classes to empower parents with tools and strategies to ultimately strengthen their relations and quiet the chaos. I also have been trained in working with women in domestic violence situations both as a volunteer and Intake Specialist.

As an undergrad in Ft Collins I worked with Crossroads Safehouse where I went through their 40 hour training process to understand all aspects of domestic violence. At Jewish Family Service I was often the first person many women talked to who were seeking help and sometimes immediate safety from their abusers. I have helped women start over or gain the courage to make those tough decisions.

I am a counselor who likes to grow and learn. With each person I come into contact with, I truly believe I have just as much to learn from them as they do me. I see counseling as a partner relationship to help clients reach their ultimate goals.

Alires Almon, MA, Executive Coach

Alires Almon, MA, Executive Coach

Master's Degree in Industrial Organizational Psychology


Throughout my professional career, I have committed my skills and talents as a facilitator and organizational development professional to support both individuals and organizations in developing themselves to be the best leader and contributor they can be.

The whole person walks the journey toward their goals. Not only in the workplace, but in their life in the community and at home. After all, it is the whole person who walks into the workplace everyday, not just the “work” person.

Executive Coaching will focus on the challenges and opportunities you have to grow and be successful in reaching your goals. Unlike therapy, coaching provides a person a perspective of success on their own terms.

As an entrepreneur, a corporate executive, or someone who just wants to improve their leadership skills, the time and effort you put into executive coaching can bring about your own definition of success.

The coaching journey takes work–plain and simple. With all goals, you have to do the work. My role is to assist you in looking to your future, setting a plan, and helping you take the journey to that end.

Formally trained in psychology, I have a master’s degree in Industrial Organizational Psychology. I have also received training through the Coaches Training Institute, and am an authorized practitioner of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) MBTI.

I look forward to working with you and making your goals a reality.

Owner, Licensed Professional Counselors

Catherine Wilson, LPC

Owner, Licensed Professional Counselor


I feel privileged, honored and humbled by the fact that people allow me to become a part of their lives to help them through troubles they face. Working as a counselor is the most meaningful work I can imagine!   I am grateful I have a way to provide this service to people in our Denver community, along with the counselors that are also part of LifePaths.

I have been in the field of counseling since 2005, working with adults, teens, and couples in both a private setting at LifePaths Counseling Center and working for a mental health agency in the Littleton area.  Since 2012, I’ve expanded LifePaths to include additional counselors to be able to serve more people in our Littleton/Ken Caryl community.  In 2017, we’ve also added another location in the Denver Tech Center to allow our counselors to serve the south Denver metro area.

I obtained my Master of Arts degree in Community Counseling from Regis University. I am licensed in the State of Colorado as a Licensed Professional Counselor (CO LPC #6143).

Continuing education is important to me. Since beginning work as a counselor, I have participated in classes and workshops and regularly read books/magazines related to mental health.  I also seek information from many sources to help me do this work to the best of my ability.

Counseling provides support for many issues, but counselors often have areas of focus or specialty to their practice as well. See a list of areas that LifePaths provides help with on our counseling services pages.

My primary specialty area is working with people on relationship issues – both as couples and as individuals. I’ve helped many couples overcome problems with betrayal, lost intimacy, communication, and conflict resolution.

I also have helped many people when domestic violence has entered their lives, whether they want to get out or not (or already have gotten out), recovering from the trauma that often results, and helping parents support their children who have been affected as well.


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