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Mental Health Assessments

Mental Health Assessments

Mental Health Assessments

Tests, quizzes, or assessments you may want to use for yourself, or discuss with your counselor.

Mental Health Assessments/Tests/Quizzes

The following links are provided here to help in a couple of ways.  

  • Your counselor may ask you to come here and complete one of these assessments to discuss during the time you meet for a session.
  • You may have found this page yourself and want to know for yourself how you rate in a particular area.
  • Your counselor may want direct or anonymous feedback about how counseling is progressing.

There are a couple of things to remember about any type of cognitive or emotional assessment.  They represent what is going on for you at this moment, but it is important to remember that the results of a particular assessment at any given time do not define who you are and it is not an absolute sure thing that you do or do not struggle with a particular issue.  The glorious thing about human beings is that we are always changing and have the power to improve our situation in life.  Never let one test, or quiz, or assessment decide how you see yourself.  These are tools for personal growth.  


What are the different types of counseling services?

The quizzes, or tests, or assessment listed below are on our site here at LifePaths but will open a new tab or window in your browser.  Some of these are documents you can fill out before you download or print, and some you can’t.  Where possible, print out the document, or your result, to discuss with your counselor.

Beck Depression Inventory

Beck Anxiety Inventory

Adult Trauma Symptoms Checklist

Adult Trauma Events and Symptoms Checklist

Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale

Obsessive-Compulsive Inventory

ADHD Assessment

Adult MID (Multidimensionary Inventory of Dissociation)

Adolescent MID (Multidimensionary Inventory of Dissociation)

Holland Code (RIASEC) Test

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