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Anger Management and Counseling

How anger management works in counseling.

Anger Management Information at LifePaths Counseling Center

When talking about anger management, it is important to make a few distinctions. First, anger is a natural human emotion and it doesn’t have to be good or bad.

Anger (a feeling) and aggression (a behavior) are different.

Often when we are talking about anger management, we are actually talking more about reducing or eliminating aggressive behavior associated with anger, rather than the anger itself. It’s normal to react to some incidents in life by feeling angry, but how we handle that feeling within ourselves, as well as the behavior associated with it, is important to maintaining our health and our relationships with other.

It might seem like you have little or no control over your anger, but in reality you have much more control than you think and you can learn to use that control to avoid hurting yourself or others.

Counseling for Anger Management

I’ve found that in counseling for anger management, focusing on what triggers anger for you, developing ways to regulate your own emotions that work for you, and identifying distorted thought patterns that can fuel angry feelings are effective tools that help clients to get anger under control.

Along with those tools, there are a few other issues that may be important when you work with a counselor. One of these is developing healthy boundaries with others. Another is being able to accurately identify feelings that arise, because anger often masks other more uncomfortable feelings or feelings that are perceived to be wrong or unacceptable such as shame, fear, insecurity, or vulnerability.

The roots of anger can be very complex, and working with a counselor or in a counseling group specifically for anger management can be very effective ways of getting anger under control.

All of the counseling provided at LifePaths is voluntary – we aren’t authorized to do any court-ordered types of anger management work.  We feel that voluntarily working with an individual along with any court-ordered classes can be very beneficial.  Please contact us if you need or want to get in some form of counseling related work on anger, we are happy to help you find what is right for you.  You can reach us at the telephone number or email address at the top of this page.

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