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Clinical Supervision at LifePaths

We offer clinical supervision services for invididuals and groups.

LPC Clinical Supervision Services at LifePaths Counseling Center

LifePaths now has two counselors providing individual and group clinical supervision to counselors working towards LPC licensure in Colorado.  If you are seeking supervision to work towards an LMFT or LCSW, please contact us to see if we have a clinician able to provide supervision for you.

Please inquire about fees.  Each clinician has a different experience level and charges a different fee.

We follow the Discrimination Model of supervision developed by Barnard, which means that we feel the supervisory role involves acting as a teacher, a counselor and as a consultant.

These are the areas we focus on when providing clinical supervision to counselors:

  • building intervention and assessment skills
  • developing your personal style and sense of confidence as a counselor
  • dealing with ethical issues
  • identifying transference and counter-transference issues that arise
  • for Colorado licensure candidates
  • and more


Also, we support you and advise on building your private practice if that is the direction you are taking as a counselor.

➢ Read more below about Clinical Supervision & Roles.

Clinical supervision and counseling.

Colorado LPC Clinical Supervision – Roles

As mentioned above, we consider our role as a supervisor to include acting as a teacher, counselor, and consultant:


Each of the counselors that provide clinical supervision has many years of experience.

Therefore, the skills and information we use in supervision come from that experience and will likely include:

  • Documentation skills such as proper psychotherapy notes, disclosure form, writing assessments and treatment plans, etc.
  • Ethical issues and how to handle them
  • Alternative techniques or approaches to fit a client’s needs
  • Identifying additional issues to explore with your clients
  • Strengthen boundaries with clients and colleagues
  • Proper business practices to maintain privacy and protection of clients’ best interests


Working as a counselor can be tough sometimes, especially when a client’s issues trigger some of our own issues or you have a client with a difficult problem that distresses you, too.

As a supervisor, sometimes we are able to see “blind spots” you may have with certain clients or mental health issues. It is extremely helpful to have a person to help you see these blind spots in a safe environment, and develop your own unique way of taking care of yourself so you can be the best counselor you can be. We can help you identify these type of situations, and offer support, but it’s important to note that if a serious roadblock comes up, we recommend you work with another counselor for that so we can maintain an appropriate supervisory relationship.


We can offer additional assistance related to building your practice or continuing your career as a counselor in the direction you choose. We encourage you to use material from our forms and documentation if you choose, assist you with building your practice, help you develop appropriate billing practices, share continuing education opportunities, and share networking/consultation group opportunities.

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